Interoperability/roaming ready solution with our OASIS Hub

Avoid the burden costs of standard HUBs

Complete Solution

Management of all information, we boost your business anywhere in the world
 Reactive and predictive schedule maintenance (IA) of all your charging stations with stock management
 Automatic assignment of tasks to technician, interventions and costs management


   All our solutions were created in house by our team, you can choose to integrate with your current systems making your infrastructure grow with less pain
 Want to implement other smart systems? Our solutions have API's with an unparalleled implementation speed that allows you to empower your business in no time

Payments and Billing

  Do you need a payment solution?
  Our solutions are international and we can issue invoices by any entity

Flexibility and Customization

 As an option you can have your system, and your customers, with your brand
 Backoffice and app with your own image, present yourself to the world as you may wish

We have a network that empowers partnerships with private locations

Talk to us and we'll combine synergies for mixed plans, with a lot of potencial for the entire value chain and for users who need more solutions with better prices

Partnerships with companies, including electric vehicle Brands?

You can have public and private charging stations with our solution and make business deals with a multitude of entities

Be our partner and gain the upper hand

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